4 Reasons Why Your Hair Stops Growing

Hair Stops Growing

At school, girls with long hair were the most popular. The author of these lines remembers her fascination with XXL lengths when she displayed a bowl cut cut by her mother in order to “have beautiful hair later”. The famous “the more you cut them, the longer they will grow back”. Urban legend or true science, this age-old trick doesn’t pay off all the time. And there comes a time when the hair does not grow at all. Before becoming alarmed, it is important to know that hair growth corresponds to a cycle that varies according to each person’s genetic heritage (so we know who to blame). Growth rate also varies with age and seasons. Generally, it oscillates between 1 to 2 cm (for the luckiest) per month. According to some popular beliefs, straight hair would grow faster than others. But what if they don’t grow at all? This feeling of hair stagnation is well known to many women.

How To Grow Hair Faster?


A good diet is a very important basis for displaying perfectly healthy hair. A good diet is very often synonymous with hair strength and shine. “Enjoy good fats and protein. The amino acids in protein help build strong hair cells, while the good fats nourish these cells, giving hair shine. Also eat plenty of green vegetables at every meal. And above all, fill up with vitamin C. The latter stimulates the production of collagen which gives strength and thickness to the hair, ”explains nutritionist, Jessica Sepel, to our colleagues from “ELLE” Australia. Some dietary supplements can also promote hair growth and strength.


If we tend to take care of our tips, the scalp is just as important (or even more so). Indeed, growth comes from the roots. A damaged scalp can slow down the process. To take care of it, we opt for mild shampoos and brushing in the rules of the art to stimulate blood circulation.


Your hair is beautiful, shiny and yet you don’t see it growing? Look at your tips! The forks come to slow down the growth. Caused by repeated coloring or the excessive use of heating devices, the latter weaken the hair by splitting it. The solution ? Cut them little by little. While it may seem counterproductive, regular trimming will get rid of those split ends.


Like us, hair needs rest to get back to work. The hair cycle evolves according to three phases: that of growth (anagen) which lasts about two to five years. Then comes the so-called catagen resting phase. For a month, the hair stops growing. Finally, the dead hair falls out during the telogen phase. This growth cycle can be disturbed by several external factors. However, if the problem persists, it is advisable to carry out a diagnosis with your hairdresser or with your dermatologist.

The days pass and your lengths stagnate. Bad habits or fatigue, discover the possible causes related to this phenomenon.

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