How to read a cosmetic product label?

cosmetic product label

To secure and better inform consumers, a certain number of displays are mandatory on cosmetic products. This information must be visible before purchase. How to decipher a beauty product label? How to recognize an organic cosmetic product? What information is important to look at? Body Nature tells you everything!

Posted on April 1, 2021


When you buy a cosmetic product, you can read a lot of information on the label. To understand what this information corresponds to, we suggest you decipher the label of a Body Nature hygiene product


This part introduces the function of the product and the main ingredients of the formula that give you benefits. The descriptions of Body Nature products are written by the marketing department and rigorously validated by the regulatory department. They are translated into Dutch so that they can be understood by our Belgian Customers!


This information must also appear on the label. Depending on the type of cosmetic product , certain information may be useful to consumers or is mandatory: for example, avoid contact with eyes. This information is transmitted by our regulatory department, in conjunction with the toxicologist.


For Body Nature cosmetic products, the COSMOS certification is issued by the independent organization ECOCERT. This certification guarantees*:


green chemistry • responsible use of natural resources • respect for biodiversity • the absence of petrochemical ingredients (excluding preservatives allowed): parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances and dyes • the absence of GMOs • recyclable packaging

 A COSMOS ORGANIC certified beauty product contains at least 95% certified organic plants and 20% certified organic ingredients or 10% for rinse-off products, which is the case for our shower gel.  These percentages are shown to the right of the label.

All cosmetic product labels must present the list of ingredients in a legible way, which is not always easy to understand!

list all the ingredients after the mention

use the glossary of common ingredient names, which uses the international nomenclature (known as INCI). Thus the ingredients are always named in the same way, in Latin (for products derived from plants) or in English (for chemical substances);

the list of ingredients is established in descending order of importance. The first 3 or 4 ingredients on the list usually represent more than 80% of the product. Below 1%, the ingredients can be listed out of order;

the perfumes are mentioned by the term “PERFUME” in order to preserve the trade secret. If these compounds contain allergens, Body Nature mentions them at the end of the INCI list.

Dyes are often mentioned at the end of the INCI list and can be presented out of order. The mention “CI” followed by a series of numbers, which can be found in the list of ingredients, stands for “Colour Index”.

Some labels put forward “free” or “0%” formulas. Please note that this does not guarantee a quality or more natural product. Rely on reading the INCI list to find reliable information.



  • Aqua: water. Body Nature cosmetic products contain Saint-Clémentin water, which is a natural source drawn from the company’s estate in Nueil-les-Aubiers. • Ammonium C-12 16 alkyl sulphate: cleansing agent • Cocamidopropyl betaine: surfactant which contributes to the uniform distribution of the product during its use • Coco glucoside: surfactant created from sugar and coconut and is ideal for sensitive skin • Fragrance: provides more pleasure when applied • Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder: dehydrated Aloe vera powder • JASMINUM OFFICINALE FLOWER EXTRACT: Jasmine extract • PRUNUS PERSICA FRUIT EXTRACT: Peach extract with softening and revitalizing properties • GLYCERIN: produced from vegetable fats by saponification


The date of minimum durability (MDD) corresponds to the date until which a cosmetic product can be used (quality of the product always assured). It is mandatory, except when it is over 30 months, which is most of the time the case! In this case, the manufacturer must indicate the period during which it is possible to use the cosmetic product without any risk after opening. This is called PAO (Period after opening). In this case, the sunny mood shower gel can be used 12 months after first opening.

Symbol preceding the date of minimum durability if it is less than 30 months.

This symbol is applied when the durability date is more than 30 months. It identifies the useful life of a cosmetic product after the first opening of its packaging.


The name and contact details of the person responsible for placing the product on the market must be indicated so that the consumer or the authorities can contact him if necessary.


The indication of the volume or weight of the product is mandatory information to appear on the product.

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