tips for preparing your wedding dress fitting appointment

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If these are your first fittings, we advise you to do your research on the internet, with your friends and relatives on the wedding dresses you want to try and the designers you like.  You can look at their site and social networks for inspiration and consult the opinions on the internet to get feedback.

Once you have an idea of ​​what you like and what dresses might work

At the Dressing Club, we advise you to make an appointment quickly : places are going fast! Especially if you want to come on a Saturday because it is the most requested day and we often have appointments 1 or 2 months in advance. For appointments during the week, it’s easier to find a slot. We have an online agenda that will allow you to choose the availability that best suits your schedule.


Also, if we need to schedule any alterations to your dress, we do them about 5 months before the wedding. It is therefore useful to plan an appointment well in advance of your wedding day, although we will be there to advise you even a few weeks before your wedding. If you can’t find your favorite with us, it also gives you time to try on dresses in other showrooms until you find the right one.


It’s best to wear underwear that matches your skin tone. If you have light skin, flesh-colored panties will be perfect to avoid being seen because despite the different layers of dresses, black panties can be seen under white.

Among the different bottoms, a seamless panty is ideal so that it does not make a mark under the dress and so that you can plan for the wedding day without having small creases at the bottom.

Finally, our tip, if you plan to put one on D-Day, is to come with a sheath if you wish to test it under your dress.

For the bra, it is best to wear flesh-colored shells. But if you don’t have one, we lend you a bra created especially for wedding dresses. This one is called the Back to Glam  ! This bra is tied in such a way as to have a pretty bare back, it is perfectly adapted. We will adjust it together during the fitting.

Make-up and hairstyle

To avoid dirtying the dresses, we invite you to come without make-up . No foundation, no lipstick, no mascara. As you can imagine, white dresses get dirty quickly and to avoid difficult stains, it is better to try dresses with cleansed skin. However, nothing prevents you from putting your makeup back on at the showroom at the end of the appointment.

The shoes

If you wish, you can come with D-Day shoes if you have found them. If not, we advise you to come with shoes that are close to it so that you can see the result with the dresses you have tried on.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time or the space to take them with you, we offer nude color try-on shoes to give you an idea of ​​the heel height you need. Our heels at the Dressing Club measure 7cm, neither too big nor too small, it is generally the right size.

This also allows us during the fitting to see if the dress is too short for you or on the contrary to see how many centimeters of fabric to remove to make a hem.

The alteration service is between 180€ and 300€. You can also personalize your dress by hollowing out your neckline or adding small lace sleeves, for example. Everything is of course not possible depending on the materials or models, but don’t panic, an advisor will be there on D-Day to suggest possible modifications!


We advise you to make an appointment quickly in order to have time to find your dress before the wedding by counting the time for alterations. Slots are going fast, so get ahead by booking as soon as possible.

We have advised you on the underwear to wear, the shoes to take and the make-up and hairstyle to do, but of course come as you are. We will manage at the Dressing Club so that everything goes for the best.

Finally, because of the health crisis linked to Covid-19, we will ask you to strictly apply the health rules, namely: come masked, with one person maximum, disinfect your hands at the entrance to the showroom and avoid touching the dresses on racks to minimize contact.

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