Wedding dress fittings: 10 tips to remember before you start

Wedding dress fittings

Your dream is finally coming true, the wedding date is set and the preparations can begin. One of the most important steps in planning your wedding is finding your wedding dress . It is she who will accompany you throughout one of the most beautiful days of your life, one of the central elements of your ceremony. To choose it well and avoid making mistakes or having regrets, read these 10 tips based on the experience of real brides , before you start trying on your future dress.

1/Listen to your feelings

The number 1 tip to never forget is to listen to your instincts. Dare to say what you feel and don’t be afraid to express your doubts and uncertainties, even if everyone present tells you how perfect a particular dress is for you. Always keep in mind that this is your marriage: if you don’t feel it, don’t force yourself.

2/Choose a comfortable dress model

You need to be as comfortable as possible in your wedding dress and that it suits you. You do not have to conform to the projections of your mother, your sister, your best friend or the saleswoman. Don’t close yourself to other styles either if you’re drawn to a model you hadn’t thought of!

3/Highlight your strengths

One of the best tips that brides who have gone through this stage take away from their experience is not to focus on making up for your flaws or insecurities, but on the contrary to focus on your qualities or what you prefer at home.  This positive step can change everything.

These are details, but they can be important. Indeed, a wedding dress with long sleeves may not be the best idea for a wedding in the heart of summer. For that, trust the saleswoman who, professional, will direct you to a cut adapted to your project.

5/Set a maximum budget

This avoids disappointment! Before you even go to the store you have spotted, tell the saleswoman your maximum budget in advance so that she does not present you with models that you cannot afford. Avoid frustration!

6/Surround yourself with the right people

Because it is a pleasure and a help to be accompanied during your dress fittings , preserve this feeling by asking honest, caring people who know you by heart to come with you.  If you have to trust yourself, some advice is also good to take. However, limit the number of accompanying persons to a maximum of 3 people during the try-outs.

7/Not comparing yourself

You have surely had the chance to attend other weddings: that of your sister, that of a friend, or a member of the family . But your marriage is unique, it is not useful to compare yourself to what you have already seen, or to what seems to you the most “fashionable”  or “according to your physique”.  Let yourself be free to choose.

8/Don’t rush

What is certain is that you will find your favorite dress . Sometimes you have to be patient and it’s not because you don’t come across the dress of your dreams from the first fitting that it won’t point the tip of its nose in another shop or at another designer. .

9/Do not resign yourself

It may sound silly, but after feeling like you’ve tried on every dress on earth without success, it’s tempting to give up the game by choosing the least worst dress you’ve tried so far.  Serious mistake, this feeling will accompany you until D-Day and will not leave you. Our advice: take a real break  in your research. Take a breather, relax and re-energize to find the right wedding dress .

You have consulted the calendar of flowers for weddings , and know about which varieties to count on to make your beautiful bouquet! Now you are wondering which shape will suit you best and which style will fit your wedding dress perfectly. You have before you the guide to know the types of bridal bouquet to which you can aspire by going to your event florist . From the simplest to the most original, discover what the floral accessories of bridal fashion look like and which one suits you, according to your morphology and above all…  above all your desires

Very fashionable in summer, this original bridal bouquet comes in two forms : 100% floral imitating the design of a fan, or the object itself decorated and covered with flowers.  Lace ribbons, pearl necklaces, silk cords or wooden rods, it is in any case easy to personalize it through various materials .

Simple to wear and fun, it will especially suit petite brides with wide hips . It is generally not very bulky and does not attract too much attention. To associate with a relaxed look with a long skirt during the civil ceremony for example.

10/The bouquet without flowers

Brides who prefer durable accessories to keep over time and display once the ceremony is over will probably choose a fabric or paper bridal bouquet .

You will then have to turn to a wedding accessories store to see several models or order it custom-made to match your

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